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Staff Surveys Why

By Fiona Lang|Oct 23th, 2012| Staff Surveys

Why bother with staff surveys?

Most reasonably sized organisations conduct a staff survey annually. The purpose of the staff survey is typically to assess the levels of satisfaction and engagement of staff. This is an important issue to keep in touch with regularly, as..

Staff Avoid Pitfalls

By William Lang|Oct 23th, 2012| Staff Surveys

Avoiding common pitfalls in staff surveys

A staff survey project needs to well planned and executed as there are several steps involved plus there is a great opportunity for organisations to learn and improve from the results.

Maximise Benefits

By Fiona Lang|Oct 23th, 2012| Staff Surveys

Maximising the benefits of staff surveys

A well designed staff survey can give very useful information to any organisation focussed on continually improving. Most organisations today face the challenge of attracting and retaining top talent. Conducting an annual staff..