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Customers satisfied

By Fiona Lang|Oct 24th, 2012| Organisational Surveys

Finding out if your customers are satisfied

We all depend on our customers for our survival but in order for your business to thrive you need highly satisfied customers. It is critically important that you keep in touch with how customers are responding to your..

Stakeholder survey

What is a stakeholder survey

A stakeholder survey can provide useful feedback for an organisation or part of an organisation that is involved in a two way provision of significant services. A stakeholder is an individual or a group of people who have an investment or..

Training needs

By Fiona Lang|Oct 24th, 2012| Organisational Surveys

How to conduct a Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Conducting a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is essential before launching into a significant training intervention. We are often surprised at how often this vital step is overlooked. Running training programs without an..