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Radical Candor

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Radical Candor Radical Candor, Manipulative Insecurity, Ruinous Empathy and Obnoxious Aggression – four terms that you’ve probably never heard of! I came across these interesting terms in Kim Scott’s book Radical Candor.  While they might not become part of your everyday vocabulary, it is certainly worth the time to understand the concepts and consider [...]

Committed Leadership

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Committed Leadership This one is for all of the aspiring leaders out there – official or unofficial. What makes someone a leader? My definition is simple – it’s helping your team achieve higher degrees of success.  A leader is not someone who has been granted a position or job title; they might be the [...]

Cultural creativity and innovation

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Cultural creativity and innovation ‘Culture is King’, a recent article by Dr Linda Sharkey explains that a culture of creativity and innovation can only be created from the top down.  She was able to support this assertion with an example of a leader who was complaining about his team’s lack of creativity.  As it [...]