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All Great Leaders Need Help

Over the last couple of blogs, we have been discussing your responsibility in developing the skills of your people. Now we can start to talk about developing your skills and providing you with the support you are going to need to lead your team to success.  Very few..

Creating a Boomerang Culture

Ah those halcyon days when employees were loyal to their employers and employers were loyal to their employees. The days when we could measure the loyalty of our employees by their tenure are long gone.  No longer do our employees choose to stay with us for their..

Getting back to leadership basics

A new year brings both new opportunities and new challenges. While some are enjoying the summer with a well-earned break, many of us are now back at work, gearing up for an exciting 2017! Where ever you might be, now is a great time for us a leaders to reflect upon..

Spot the boss

I recently came across an article by Joseph Grenny on the importance of accountability in teams, and who holds who accountable. Joseph tells the story of a highly successful firm that he had consulted with. He knew that the CEO’s name was Paul, and that Paul would..

The power of 'yes'

How many times have you said ‘no’ to one of your team in the last week?  And what did that response do to that discussion?  Did it stop the conversation, cramp the ideas, freeze the innovation, kill the enthusiasm and impede the learning?  The simple answer to that..

The leadership balancing act

The daily decisions and interactions that leaders face are like yin and yang; while they may seem conflicting from the outside, they are often complementary and interconnected. This article by Terry St.Marie covers seven of these key paradoxes:

The 10 Secrets to Leadership Success

There are many articles, books and forum topics out there about what skills and characteristics ensure leadership success. It’s a topic in which everyone seems to have contrasting views and opinions on. However, through my years of experience there are 10..