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Balance is Key

Most of us see ourselves as the ideal leader/employee. We work for as long as it takes to deliver the outcome, have an unlimited amount of energy for anything that relates to our work and do not let our personal lives get in the way.  Behaviours such as these then..

Unlocking the Potential

Effective communication, coupled with coaching that is task orientated and driven by the desire to improve, are critical tasks for leaders at every level. To be an effective coach, we must develop our communication skills so that we engage our people in a safe and..

How Gratitude Expands Leadership

Being an effective leader requires us to connect with our people. In order to connect with our people we need to effectively communicate, collaborate and support each other.  In order to support each other we need to understand the sacrifices that each of our team..

Noble Goals

Being a leader is not easy. Being an inspirational and highly effective leader is even more challenging.  While the rewards of being a leader can be substantial, they do not come without significant effort, stress and vulnerability.  So what is it that keeps you..

Committed Leadership

This one is for all of the aspiring leaders out there – official or unofficial.

Empowering your people

If I asked you what it is that a leader actually does, what would your answer be? For me, leadership is less about delegation and management, and more about empowering others to help them succeed. Of course, you have to clearly set the direction and role model the..

The accountability challenge

The word ‘accountable’ gets thrown around a lot (even by me), but what does it actually mean? It isn’t a table that accountants work on (and I do apologise for that joke). Accountability is the principle that you are responsible for your actions and, ultimately,..

Wait, are we actually listening?

I don’t know if you have noticed, but over the last few weeks I have been talking about listening and the benefits this can deliver to us as leaders and to our teams and organisations.  It is clearly a skill that we should all be looking to enhance (or develop) in..

Talking back to listen

As leader we all try hard to be good listeners. We practice those behaviours that we have had drilled in to us for so long – make eye contact but don’t stare; paraphrase back what you think you have heard; don’t speak, don’t interrupt, don’t smile, don’t frown and,..

The science of opinions

Proven scientific methods can teach us a lot about leadership. In science, we test an idea until it fails and at that point, we replace it with a new (and hopefully) better idea. It doesn’t mean that the old idea was a bad one – Newton’s laws of gravity is a good..