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Be Happy

Chief Happiness Officer.  Sounds like the title for a fictional character we might hear on Sesame Street rather than in a boardroom, but that is the exact title that the founder of Woohoo Inc (Yes – Woohoo Inc), Alexander Kjerulf has given himself.  Alexander is..

Time for Fun

The holidays and festive season have come and gone. 2018 is here and the vast majority of us have returned to work and are looking to get stuck into the challenges a new year brings.  In the past many of us would think that this means the fun is over and it is time..

Talking back to listen

As leader we all try hard to be good listeners. We practice those behaviours that we have had drilled in to us for so long – make eye contact but don’t stare; paraphrase back what you think you have heard; don’t speak, don’t interrupt, don’t smile, don’t frown and,..

The science of opinions

Proven scientific methods can teach us a lot about leadership. In science, we test an idea until it fails and at that point, we replace it with a new (and hopefully) better idea. It doesn’t mean that the old idea was a bad one – Newton’s laws of gravity is a good..

Leading Moments

Last weekend sports-mad Australian’s certainly got their fill, with thrilling AFL and NRL grand finals keeping us on the edge of our seats. Even if you are not a football fan, it was hard not to hear about the historic wins by both the Western Bulldogs and the..

Overcoming leadership loneliness

As a CEO or senior executive it can be quite lonely at the top. The very nature of a hierarchical structured organisation means that senior leaders are often faced with the sole responsibility of making tough decisions and being held to account for these decisions. ..

The 10 Secrets to Leadership Success

There are many articles, books and forum topics out there about what skills and characteristics ensure leadership success. It’s a topic in which everyone seems to have contrasting views and opinions on. However, through my years of experience there are 10..

How Poor Leaders Become Great Leaders

Although a tiger can't change his stripes, with practice a poor leader can become a great leader.