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Personal courage and conflict resolution at work: part 2

By William Lang|Jun 11th, 2013| Communication

Resolve the Conflict

Resolving conflict in the workplace is hard. But harder still is dealing with un-resolved conflicts because if you let them simmer too long, these issues could reach a boiling point!

Personal courage and conflict resolution at work: part 1

By Fiona Lang|Jun 03th, 2013| Communication

The Benefits of conflict resolution

Facing up to conflict in the workplace can be hard, but the benefits of resolving the issues is rewarding and enriching for both parties, and the business, in the long run.

Dealing with difficult people - part 3

By Fiona Lang|May 22th, 2013| Communication

Dealing with the difficult coworker

When dealing with the difficult co-worker, it can be hard figuring out the most appropriate way.

Dealing with difficult people - part 2

By William Lang|May 16th, 2013| Communication

The Worst Case Scenario

In every work place, there are difficult people you have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. These difficult people come in many various forms but they have one thing in common – if you don’t deal with them immediately, the situation will get..

Dealing with difficult people - part 1

By Fiona Lang|May 10th, 2013| Communication

Why you must deal with difficult people

There are many different types of people in the workplace, and not everyone will always see eye-to-eye with each other. Every workplace has people who can be difficult to work with, and the way you handle them can depend on a..