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When Management Systems Fail

Managers often complain about how employees don’t always do what they are supposed to do. However, these managers should do less complaining and take on some of the blame themselves. Employees never go to work wanting to fail, and more often than not, their poor..

The Qualities Of A Bad Leader

Unfortunately for there to be good leaders, there has to be bad leaders. Every workplace will have them at one time or another – unfortunately they may be hard to spot at first!

7 Ways to Lead

Just because you have an impressive title on your office door or business card doesn't mean that you are a leader. Yes you may have a title that says you are a leader, but that title doesn't mean anything unless you demonstrate actions that show you are a leader.

How To Give Difficult Feedback

Giving feedback results to employees can be hard, but what’s harder is giving bad feedback results to employees.

Keys To Accepting Feedback Pt. 2

In the last post we talked about the importance of viewing feedback in a positive light and gave you some examples of celebrities who didn’t react well to feedback.

Keys To Accepting Feedback Pt. 1

We all know what happens when someone takes feedback badly – it acts like a small fire fanned by a strong wind: it will spread quickly.

Human Resource Best Practice Indicators

High performing companies always clearly communicate to employees their performance expectations, and their managers promote the person with the best skills and knowledge to become leaders. These leaders have to be fair, talent-focused and excel in clarifying..

Employee Relations and Risk Management

In HR, employee relations and risk management are considered to be strength when it comes to meeting goals. Employee relations and risk management refers to ensuring that all employees are treated with respect, are provided with health and safety processes and..

Dealing With a Difficult Boss

It can be a difficult situation when you find you are dealing with a ‘bad boss.’ A ‘bad boss’ may take credit for other peoples work, not give credit when credit is due, be moody and short tempered, or buckle under pressure – leaving the rest of the team without..

The Role of the Person Giving Feedback

By Fiona Lang|Jun 14th, 2013| Communication

360 degree feedback is often sought by an organisation from internal and external people related to a business that have a working relationship with the manager. These people have a deep understanding of the manager and how they work.