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Communicate and Connect

Effective communication is an essential skill for leaders at every level within an organisation.  The way you communicate with your people has a direct impact on how engaged they are and how they feel about the organisation.  We also know that an employee’s level of..

3 qualities for better leadership

Well-known author and speaker, John C Maxwell quoted, “Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them”. This statement echoes the balancing act that many leaders I regularly work with find difficult to overcome.

Are you focusing on these four leadership behaviours?

CEOs are beginning to realise how important leadership development is to the organisational health and growth of their business. The problem is, organisation’s looking to investment in leadership are often unsure of where to start. I recently came across a study..

CEO succession starts with developing your leaders

Identify your successor – that is one job that all leaders should be focusing on.  Leaders at all levels within an organisation are responsible for ensuring that the workforce has the skills and capabilities required to achieve success in both the short and long..

Building a Coaching Culture in the Workplace

How we define ‘coaching’ makes all the difference to how we interpret the definition of a coaching culture. Primarily this is because different definitions of a coaching culture may focus on different aspects of whatever we define as ‘coaching’.

4 ways to make your message an unforgettable one

As a leader, your communication skills are one of the most important tools you have for creating a productive workplace. But are your messages memorable, or are they being forgotten?

Communicating effectively means that your message will be remembered long after it..

Making values live in your organisation

Every organisation has values that they reflect through their work and actions. They are not only important to the brand image of the organisation, but having a vision is also critical to their organisational success.

Putting scores on the board

In 2009 I decided it was high time that I wrote the story of Scores on the Board.

The Power of Goal Setting

Setting goals is a powerful action that will ensure you experience success and achieve desired outcomes. When you set goals, you lay out a set direction in which you should approach your organisations activities.

Dealing With Negative Co-Workers

When you’re in the workforce, you come across many different types of people. Although many of the people you interact with are positive, there are times you come across someone with a negative attitude. There can be many reasons as to why they are so negative, they..