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Radical Candor

Radical Candor, Manipulative Insecurity, Ruinous Empathy and Obnoxious Aggression – four terms that you’ve probably never heard of! I came across these interesting terms in Kim Scott’s book Radical Candor.  While they might not become part of your everyday..

Trust in the brain

Last week I wrote about the science behind emotional influence, and how our brains are built to react to certain triggers. Frequent readers will know that I’ve also discussed science in some other posts, for example in ‘The science of opinions’, so this post will..

Opening up to build trust

A few weeks ago I wrote about the importance of leaders building trust with their teams in my blog post Trust begets trust. This past week I came across an article by Jesse Lyn Stone that highlights another important aspect of building trusting relationships in your..

9 Ways To Build Trust

It is important that trust amongst employees exists within an organisation. An element of trust enables projects and tasks to be completed more smoothly and it’s important that you work toward building a relationship based on trust with every new employee from the..