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5 Keys to Successful 360 Degree Feedback

Why do many 360 feedback projects not achieve positive change?

The Power of Effective 360 Degree Feedback

Many leaders and managers in the workplace suffer from a lack of effective leadership performance feedback. Without effective feedback many leaders and..

The Best 360 Degree Feedback Elements

360 Degree feedback is one of the top forms of evaluation in the workplace. It enables you to get a ‘full circle’ insight of your business, its strengths, weaknesses and people.

How To Give Difficult Feedback

Giving feedback results to employees can be hard, but what’s harder is giving bad feedback results to employees.

360 Degree Feedback Best Practice Indicators

High performing companies always clearly communicate to employees their performance expectations. Communication is crucial between an organisation and their employees as it makes the employees feel as if they are understood and valued. Another way HR teams may try to..

Feedback on Specific Goals

360 degree feedback can be used for many different purposes. However you may find it most valuable to your organisation if you focus the 360 degree feedback on particular goals.  These goals may be ones that have been discussed in leadership and management meetings or..

Employee Relations and Risk Management

In HR, employee relations and risk management are considered to be strength when it comes to meeting goals. Employee relations and risk management refers to ensuring that all employees are treated with respect, are provided with health and safety processes and..

Dealing With a Difficult Boss

It can be a difficult situation when you find you are dealing with a ‘bad boss.’ A ‘bad boss’ may take credit for other peoples work, not give credit when credit is due, be moody and short tempered, or buckle under pressure – leaving the rest of the team without..