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From good to great. Lessons in leadership.

‘Leave your ego at the door!’  We have all heard this many times and yet we still see leaders who continue to focus on themselves.  We clearly understand that that the human ego can hurt the dynamics of a team, and therefore affect the outcomes for the organisation,..

Confidentiality - critical in a 360 degree feedback survey

By Noel Reid|Apr 14th, 2016| 360 Degree Feedback

Confidentiality applies to both the participants and the raters.

The benefits of a project champion

You've defined the purpose of your 360 degree feedback project and who will participate, what next?  You need to select someone to champion your project.  You need someone to be a good role model and validate the process.

Who should participate in a 360 degree feedback?

When we conduct a 360 degree feedback project we need to consider who we select to participate.  There are 2 main groups; participants and raters.

What is the purpose of your 360 degree project?

The purpose of your 360 degree feedback project is critical to its success. A project without a clear purpose is like a ship without a rudder.

How to effectively deliver a 360 degree feedback project

Our team are passionate about helping our clients get the most out of their 360 degree feedback project.  It was with their encouragement (and a gentle shove) that I found myself in front of the camera to make some short clips on how to effectively deliver a 360 degree..

Feedback That Has Impact

When delivering feedback it is important that you deliver it in a way that ensures the message of the feedback results is received with the impact it deserves. Often, the person receiving feedback can act in a defensive manner that will damage its effectiveness. You..

The Best 360 Degree Feedback Elements

360 Degree feedback is one of the top forms of evaluation in the workplace. It enables you to get a ‘full circle’ insight of your business, its strengths, weaknesses and people.

360 Degree Feedback Best Practice Indicators

High performing companies always clearly communicate to employees their performance expectations. Communication is crucial between an organisation and their employees as it makes the employees feel as if they are understood and valued. Another way HR teams may try to..

Feedback on Specific Goals

360 degree feedback can be used for many different purposes. However you may find it most valuable to your organisation if you focus the 360 degree feedback on particular goals.  These goals may be ones that have been discussed in leadership and management meetings or..