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5 Keys to Successful 360 Degree Feedback

Why do many 360 feedback projects not achieve positive change?

The Power of Effective 360 Degree Feedback

Many leaders and managers in the workplace suffer from a lack of effective leadership performance feedback. Without effective feedback many leaders and..

Receiving feedback – next step #5

Step 5, say thank you.  We need to thank the people who provided feedback on our 360 degree feedback survey. We need to tell them how much we value their feedback and how much we appreciate the time they took to give us the feedback.

Receiving feedback – next step #4

Step 4 in our process involves sitting down with your manager and discussing where you are now with your leadership and where you want to be.  Take them through your report. Highlight the strengths you identified in step 1 and how you intend to leverage them going..

Receiving feedback – next step #3

Step 1 we identified our strengths

Receiving feedback – next step #2

In step 1 we took time to reflect and identify our strengths.  Now it's time to move onto the next step, identify the gaps.

CEO succession starts with developing your leaders

Identify your successor – that is one job that all leaders should be focusing on.  Leaders at all levels within an organisation are responsible for ensuring that the workforce has the skills and capabilities required to achieve success in both the short and long..

Receiving feedback - next step #1

What you do with the data from your 360 degree feedback report is pivotal in your leadership development.  The data will remain just that, data, unless you do something with it.

Do you have the right feedback delivery skills?

Giving constructive feedback to someone in order to change behaviour is a delicate process.  It is very important to assure that you approach the task with sensitivity to the person's feelings to avoid the common problem of a very defensive reaction.

Survey timing. Did you allow enough time?

From the time you first communicate to all the people involved in the 360 degree feedback project to receiving the reports you need to allow enough time for everyone to complete the survey.

Communication is key to a successful 360 degree project

Communication is the key to success in all facets of the business, particularly when you implementing a change management process.  It is critical that all the people involved in your 360 degree feedback project are aware of its purpose, confidentiality and the outcome..