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How to Become a Good Leader Through Constructive Praise

Most of us recognise that giving and receiving feedback is a difficult task and one that we need to get better at.  But a number of recent surveys by Zenger Folkman suggest that up to 44% of us find it stressful to have those difficult conversations, the ones we..

3 Phrases You Should Avoid When Providing Feedback

Our job as leaders is to make our people, our teams and our organisations successful. In order to do this effectively, it is imperative that we help our people get better.  Providing effective feedback is the most powerful tool we have in our toolkit to help us..

Communicate and Connect

Effective communication is an essential skill for leaders at every level within an organisation.  The way you communicate with your people has a direct impact on how engaged they are and how they feel about the organisation.  We also know that an employee’s level of..

Feedback – An Essential Ingredient for Every Business

Feedback is the cheapest and most powerful, yet most underused, development tool that we have at our disposal. It is our responsibility, as leaders, to create an environment where feedback is part of our operating DNA. Feedback helps our teams get and stay on track,..

Learn How to Seek Honest Feedback

We are all seeking to be the best we can be.  As leaders, this means we need to focus on creating an environment where giving and receiving of feedback is part of our operating DNA, the way we do business.  This in turn, means we need to be effective in giving and..

How to Provide Effective Feedback

Feedback is a gift. A gift that we will often actively seek out and, at other times, will arrive unsolicited. No matter how the feedback arrives, we should see it as an opportunity to learn, grow and develop. Sounds easy doesn’t it?  Yet we know from the hundreds of..

How to Turn Your 360 Degree Feedback Data into Action

The feedback from your 360 degree survey is just data until you put it into an action plan.  Creating action plans for your participants can be beneficial not only for them in their role but also for the organisation as a whole.

Do you have the right feedback delivery skills?

Giving constructive feedback to someone in order to change behaviour is a delicate process.  It is very important to assure that you approach the task with sensitivity to the person's feelings to avoid the common problem of a very defensive reaction.

Survey timing. Did you allow enough time?

From the time you first communicate to all the people involved in the 360 degree feedback project to receiving the reports you need to allow enough time for everyone to complete the survey.

Communication is key to a successful 360 degree project

Communication is the key to success in all facets of the business, particularly when you implementing a change management process.  It is critical that all the people involved in your 360 degree feedback project are aware of its purpose, confidentiality and the outcome..