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Strengths of a Manager

The Top Strengths and Challenges of Modern Managers

At Full Circle Feedback we have an extensive database of managers who have undertaken our 360 degree feedback process over the past decade. We recently analysed the top strengths and challenges of approximately 200, 000 managers. Here are the very interesting results in rank order:


  1. Results Focus
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Customer Focus
  4. Teamwork
  5. Decision Making


  1. Developing Others
  2. Conflict Resolution
  3. Managing Performance
  4. Delegating Responsibility
  5. Work - Life Balance

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The two distinct sets of results remind us that commonly managers and organisations focus strongly on performance and results which is clearly appropriate. However sometimes there can be an overemphasis on outcomes at the expense of neglecting the people related issues. This is becoming an even more critical issue as Generation X and Y are placing an ever greater emphasis on their desire to be developed by their managers and organisations. Organisations need to emphasise how they develop people to attract and retain the best young talent in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

It is also interesting to note that some of the people challenges relate to some of the more difficult people management issues such as conflict resolution and performance management. In our experience mangers shy away from these more complex areas. However the avoidance tactic creates longer term cultural issues for the organisation. We coach managers to find the right balance between managing the people issues as well as achieving great outcomes.

Delegating responsibility and work-life balance no doubt relate to the common complaint that managers feel over burdened and feel they cannot delegate to staff as they are also busy.

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About the Author: Fiona Lang

Fiona Lang
Fiona Lang is an experienced human resources consultant, line manager and financial controller. She has designed and delivered feedback, training and development programs for organisations in the government, non-profit and corporate sectors. She has worked across Australia in management positions for ANZ bank, Citibank and the National Australia Bank Group. She holds a B.A. (Psychology) and Dip.FP.

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