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Employee Relations and Risk Management

In HR, employee relations and risk management are considered to be strength when it comes to meeting goals. Employee relations and risk management refers to ensuring that all employees are treated with respect, are provided with health and safety processes and training, and that all employees are treated fairly and equally.

During 360 Degree feedback sessions, employee relations and risk management statements are always ranked highly throughout the survey.

Some statements that you may want to include in your survey in regards to employee relations and risk management are:

  • “Our organisation treats employee health, safety and well-being as a high priority”
  • “Our organisation provides comprehensive health and safety processes, systems, support and training”
  • “Our organisation is effective and efficient at resolving employee disciplinary issues and cases”
  • “Our people leaders follow our policies on fairness, equity and discrimination”
  • "Our organisation offers flexible work practices that are motivating and consider the personal needs of employees”

These statements are ones that provide the most reactions and truthful answers from your employees regarding your workplace employee relations and risk management.

Other highly ranked agreement and importance areas include employee safety, discrimination and related processes.

If you have areas in feedback surveys that do not provide you with a clear result, perhaps you should look to the kind of statements made in strength areas to model new statements, or re-evaluate your HR strategy in those weaker areas.

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About the Author: William Lang

William Lang
Bill Lang has over 25 years professional experience working as an organisation strategy and development consultant and C-suite Executive Coach. Early in his career he worked with KPMG, McKinsey &Co., Bain & Company and AXA as an Executive. His clients operate in over 50 countries and on all continents. He is former member of the Melbourne University Commerce Faculty and holds a MBA(Harvard) and B.Comm/LLB (Hons). He is the author and creator of the Scores on the Board skill development and improvement system.

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