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360 Degree Feedback and Leadership

Look at the salaries paid to leaders today and you quickly realise the impact that leadership is expected to have on an organisation's performance. Effective leaders have an enormous and positive impact upon staff morale and productivity.

Leaders seek feedback on so many organisational factors (like reports on financials, sales, services and transactions) yet there is also a need for feedback on their own performance. This is where effective leaders have good antennae – they know the impact that their behaviour has upon others.

To increase performance and profitability, it is essential that leaders recognise and respond to the ever changing needs and demands of others, like clients, staff and stakeholders. The questions is ... how do you develop the insight that will help you become a great leader and ultimately benefit your staff, clients and shareholders?

360 degree feedback is a powerful and confidential way to assess perceived leadership performance. At the same time, it is a great way to communicate leadership expectations to a wide audience. After setting expectations and then assessing performance, leaders then have a solid basis of information that, if effectively acted upon, will lead to ongoing success.

The Leadership 360

At Full Circle Feedback, we have developed a proven 360 degree feedback survey instrument and process called the Leadership 360 that provides a global benchmark for a leaders performance. It is based one our comprehensive action research and defines 60 key leadership behaviours and 10 key areas. Feedback from peers, team members, customers and a manager on how they observe the leader behaving in relation to each of the behaviours can create a very powerful and constructive set of insights.

We can also easily customise leadership surveys to meet your program objectives.

Good leaders need relevant and timely data about how others perceive them. The Leadership 360 provides this data and a benchmark against leaders in other organisations around the world.

Our Experience with Leadership

At Full Circle Feedback we have worked with thousands of leaders in both the private and public sectors over the past decade. Our activities have included:

  • Developing leadership competency frameworks
  • Reviewing clients' existing competency frameworks
  • Conducting research via focus groups comprised of leaders to determine key leadership behaviours
  • Review of the literature on leadership
  • Designing and facilitating leadership programs
  • Designing performance management systems
  • Discussions with Human Resources and Organisational Development personnel about desired leadership behaviours in their organisations
  • Debriefing hundreds of Full Circle Feedback reports with leaders to assist them to develop insights about their behaviours and action plans
  • Conducting group feedback sessions with executive teams to ascertain strengths and challenges

In all of the above activities the links have always been made between leadership behaviours and organisational goals. Our work with leaders is to assist them to understand how they may be more effective both personally and strategically.

About the Author: William Lang

William Lang
Bill Lang has over 25 years professional experience working as an organisation strategy and development consultant and C-suite Executive Coach. Early in his career he worked with KPMG, McKinsey &Co., Bain & Company and AXA as an Executive. His clients operate in over 50 countries and on all continents. He is former member of the Melbourne University Commerce Faculty and holds a MBA(Harvard) and B.Comm/LLB (Hons). He is the author and creator of the Scores on the Board skill development and improvement system.

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