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360 Degree Feedback Methodology

360 degree feedback, otherwise known as multi source feedback, is a comprehensive and structured way to obtain feedback from different sources, such as self, manager, peers, staff, customers and stakeholders.

Feedback is the cheapest, most powerful motivational tool at our disposal. Yet people typically suffer from a lack of feedback throughout their working lives.

Full Circle Feedback has helped an extensive range of organisations to implement 360 degree feedback. We can easily customise processes and surveys to meet client needs.

Our typical approach is outlined below.

Step 1: Plan the 360 degree feedback project

  • Clarify key projective objectives
  • Define target audience and survey scope
  • Define key policies for the project
  • Develop the project plan and timelines
  • Design communications and customise support materials

Step 2: Design the survey

  • Consult stakeholders about key issues and requirements
  • Define report requirements
  • Design survey - customised or standard survey
  • Conduct pilot and review survey
  • Obtain survey sign-off

Step 3: Conduct the survey

  • Brief participants and obtain rater registrations
  • Distribute surveys and provide support
  • Follow up surveys
  • Ensure confidentiality policies and project policies are met
  • Produce comprehensive feedback reports

Step 4: Deliver the feedback

  • Prepare participants to receive feedback
  • Facilitate feedback with individuals or groups
  • Identify key insights from the feedback
  • Provide ongoing coaching
  • Train client staff to facilitate feedback

Step 5: Act on the staff feedback

  • Present global results and identify group development actions
  • Prepare and agree development plans
  • Implement ongoing development plans
  • Implement organisational programs

Step 6: Evaluate

  • Design evaluation approach
  • Conduct evaluation
  • Prepare and present evaluation report
  • Agree process enhancements

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William Lang
Bill Lang has over 25 years professional experience working as an organisation strategy and development consultant and C-suite Executive Coach. Early in his career he worked with KPMG, McKinsey &Co., Bain & Company and AXA as an Executive. His clients operate in over 50 countries and on all continents. He is former member of the Melbourne University Commerce Faculty and holds a MBA(Harvard) and B.Comm/LLB (Hons). He is the author and creator of the Scores on the Board skill development and improvement system.

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